What’s Wrong With Pornography? Are You Sure You Want to Know?

WARNING: The following post contains material that may be disturbing to the young and sensitive. Reader and parental discretion are advised.

Imagine living in a kind of Truman Show where you are always in front of the camera–and then imagine everything you do being controlled by what the camera wants and needs from you. That is the case with pornographic performers. In order for the camera to film what viewers of pornography find titillating, porn performers must assume uncomfortable positions that are nothing like the real sex real people have (even when those people are trying to imitate the porn performers). For reasons you wouldn’t expect, pornography sex is unnatural–not for reasons of prudishness, but simply because that’s not how sex really happens in real life. Porn performers often come out of a shoot with awful muscle cramps from having had to be contortionists for several hours at a time.

Because the average porno shoot does last several hours. During the shoot, a man or woman on set often has multiple sequential partners, and the real-life sequence of what is filmed is not the same as what you see in a porn film thanks to editing. There are no breaks because time is money, so people on porn sets end up having sex for several straight hours at a time, whether they feel like having sex that day or not. Men often have trouble sustaining erections for that long; in fact, if you happen to sustain an erection on your own for longer than about two hours, see a doctor right away, because that’s called priapism and it physically damages your penis, making erectile dysfunction highly likely in your future. Women in a porn shoot experience pain to the point of agony from the incessant rubbing, even if you don’t consider that nearly every heterosexual porn shoot involves male-on-female anal penetration.

There is a kind of false romance about anal penetration that is completely out of touch with reality. Yes, there is a tiny minority of people who do anal penetration so skillfully, and receiving partners so accustomed to it, that repeated anal penetration leads that tiny minority to pleasure and even orgasm. But that is not the kind of anal intercourse depicted in porn. The kind of anal intercourse you see in porn is guaranteed to be painful and to cause bloody tears in the woman’s rectum. Also, you’ve probably noted that having a man ejaculate into his partner’s rear is very popular among porn viewers. That causes the actress to defecate dribbles of semen for many days. In some cases actresses helplessly defecate while on set, requiring a cleanup before the shoot can continue. How titillated do you feel watching videos of anal intercourse now that you know that?

The requirement for being a male porn actor is not a large penis. It is lack of inhibition and being able to achieve and sustain an erection while thousands of people are watching you. Not every man with such a psychology has a large penis. In fact, from the perspective of a camera, the average erection on an average man’s body looks ridiculously small. For that reason, many male porn actors wear prostheses on their erections that make the erection look big enough for the camera to tolerate. These prostheses must necessarily cover the glans, which must be stimulated in order for the man to sustain an erection and achieve orgasm, making sex for many porn actors a zero-pleasure chore that lasts for hours. You’ve probably already guessed that women don’t enjoy having sex on a porn set. Well, the men enjoy it even less. For both sexes, it is an utter drudgery.

I’ve made these remarks because they are so little discussed by both advocates and detractors of pornography. The advocates sweep them under the rug in order to keep a multibillion-dollar industry profitable. The detractors don’t mention them because they just don’t know about them. It’s fine to say that pornography hurts families, and that having a husband consume pornography hurts the feelings of his wife, but such arguments make no impression on the consumer of pornography because they feel alien. I hope that my remarks here come closer to home for those who consume porn by disclosing some of the ugly realities behind the sleazy visual lies that they use for arousal. This is especially important today, as everyone knows that ponrnography consumers are increasingly teenage and even early adolescent boys who have never even seen a naked woman in real life, and are being conditioned to have entirely the wrong idea about everything sexual.

If you agree that there is solid reason to despise pornography for reasons including the ones I’ve stated here, spread the word to those who need to know.

14 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Pornography? Are You Sure You Want to Know?

  1. That was well said.

    Besides the addiction aspect of porn, it makes real life sexual relationships difficult, because your expectations are not realistic, you’re always comparing yourself to something that is staged and unreal, and your mind is not on what you’re doing. So porn is a kind of like a type of theft, it robs you of the ability to enjoy the moment and the magic and mystery of another person.


  2. Hey man. I like this so i’m going to reblog this. I have a porn addict for a long time. When I read something like this I was like woah. I was under the impression that it was real. It amazing what people can do with editing. If I ever feel like going back to porn I should refer back to this article. Its some really insightful stuff.


  3. Wow. I thought I was going to read some insightful commentary by someone who had real knowledge of the “industry.” In actuality, this is a thinly veiled diatribe directed against sexual activity that Khelwriter obviously finds offensive.

    Sexuality is natural, and should be enjoyed by everyone as part of the human experience. That experience can take many forms, and one that many, many, many folks, male and female enjoy, is “porn.” If they didn’t, why would it be a multi billion dollar industry? It certainly isn’t because of teenage boys, or cheating husbands hiding behind close doors and jerking off to it.

    Performers in porn movies do it for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the pay. Many state that they enjoy sex, they enjoy being nude in front of people, they are exhibitionists. What they don’t say is that they’re forced to do anything they don’t want to do. The heart of the industry is in Southern California, and it is very tightly regulated there. There are doctors and no performer is forced to engage in an act which would result in anal fissures. There are “fluffers,” women who are aspiring performers whose job it is to help the male performers maintain their erections during lulls in the shooting. Many porn videos are also made by “amateurs,” some truly are, many are pros making fantasy films. But, why would people willingly make sex movies of themselves unless they found it to be erotic?

    I was raised Catholic, and in the church, porn is evil and sinful. I have learned though, that sex is good and as long as the folks engaging in whatever activity they want without hurting anyone else, then it is Okay, and actually something to be used to add to one’s happiness. There are tons of single people, old, young, disabled, ill, shy, thin, obese, who find porn to be helpful in achieving some erotic fulfillment. There are tons of attached folks who get no sexual activity in their relationships anymore who find porn useful. There are tons of couples who share porn together and are open enough about what they find to be erotic to share it together.

    If you actually explore a little bit, you will find films specifically targeted to couples, and/or women. There are also fetish videos, none of which were made by sex slaves or folks who didn’t want to make them. Of course performers have to have sex when they don’t feel like it. That is, after all, their job. I spent 28 years as a state prison officer. There were many days when I had to go to work and endure the insults, hate, and violence such a place breeds. It was though, after all, my job. Nobody forced me to do it, any more than porn performers are forced to make movies. They chose that line of work. They are not victims.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I was wondering when someone would actually disagree with me.

      I didn’t say a single word about sexual activity. Pornography is not sexual activity at all. That was part of my point. What really goes on during a pornography shoot has almost no relationship whatsoever with real sex. And that’s important because the teenage boys who consume pornography, consume it under the delusion that it’s real.

      And the fact that pornography is a multibillion-dollar industry doesn’t mean anything. The cocaine and heroin trades are multibillion-dollar industries too.


  4. Loved the post! Porn has its uses, couples can benefit from watching together but the videos are so one sided and ridiculous it ends up being useless. When porn turns into an addiction,a guide, escape or an alternative, there is something wrong because it is NOT a portrayal of normal sex or even casual sex. There is a reason these actors are PAID and the videos are made with only men in mind geard towards instant gratification and callousness towards women all the while showing them screaming and moaning in supposed pleasure. In essence its bullshit. Im not against visual aids but make something real for goodness sake and can it hurt to gear it towards couples? This industry is making men morons! Everytime they masturbate to porn they are rewarding their bodies into accepting that this is a reality, I am concerned that this is warping young men with unrealistic expectations about bodies, genitals, sex acts, lack of affection that should go hand in hand with sex, the fact that many women would not like to be treated that way,and the list goes on, very disturbing.

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    1. The problem with pornography directed at loving couples is that the camera still dictates what happens, the shoots are still hours long, a normal erection on a normal man’s body still looks silly on camera, etc etc etc. Yes, you can include erotic scenes in mainstream films, but they look nothing like porn and are often not titillating to people who desire porn.

      Otherwise, you’re bang on with everything you’ve said. In a way you’re making the same point I was making in different words.


  5. Personally, I find porn really boring. I mean really, really boring. I can watch for about 5 minutes, and then I go fin something else to do.

    One thing I do have to talk about is free Internet porn. I divorced my husband largely because he was addicted to this on free amateur porn site (which shall remain nameless). It started very casually, and worked it’s way into sometimes 16-24 hours of viewing porn videos and deciding which were his favorites. Naturally, having spent that much time watching porn, he was too tired for real intimacy with his wife. Over time, I became convinced that I wasn’t pretty enough, I wasn’t sexy enough, I didn’t wear my makeup like a slut, and that, in general, I simply wasn’t attractive to him. After a year of no sexual relations and a huge in which he threatened me with bodily harm, I shut down, went to bed, and made the decision to file for divorce by the end of that week. And, I did. I told him the morning after the blowout that I would be filing by Friday, and that as far as I was concerned, he could go back to where he came from and continue on his merry little addiction.

    By the way, he still doesn’t see himself as an addict. He thinks it is normal. If that is the case, why did I divorce him?

    So, yep, I have a very strong opinion about pornography. I do not think it is bad when it is tastefully made and couples enjoy it equally. I think it is a relationship wrecker when it becomes all-consuming, and only one “partner” is getting off on it.

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    1. WOw so impactful. Thank you for sharing your story, I always try telling people that too much porn can be harmful to their relationship. And then the guy wants you to come to bed and do all the stuff with you that he sees in the porno, which some are violent this is real life you know.. I am glad you brought up the effect his porn addiction had on your self esteem because I am positive there are a lot of women who can relate to you.


      1. The really sad thing is he kept telling me that I was the only woman he had known that had a problem with it. Somehow, I do not think that is accurate. He would tell me it was because I had low self-esteem, or that my ego wasn’t healthy.

        Once we were divorced, I asked him to look at my irritation another way. Maybe I was annoyed because my ego was healthy, and I did value myself. I don’t know if he ever figured that one out. Besides, every woman I knew who was either married or other said there was no way they would put up with it. So, it would seem that his argument doesn’t hold much water πŸ™‚

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