Dreaming Dreams

Back when I still had the dream of autonomy, I sometimes imagined what I would do if I had my own private residence. One of the dreams I had was about having pets–which would also require me enough money to pay vet bills. Here are three pets I used to dream about having:

1) A Great Dane named Brutus. Even if the dog were female I’d name her Brutus. I love the fact that Great Danes are so gentle and low-maintenance, as they need very little exercise and very little space, and form strong bonds with their personal humans.

2) A mouse named Morsel the Second. The original Morsel happened in 1993, when I was minding a former friend’s pet snake. I bought a mouse (really a white-furred, pink-eyed rat tht looked like a mouse) to feed to the snake. But the snake was ill and refused to eat, so the poor mouse spent several hours hiding in a corner of the snake’s terrarium. I bought a cage and put the mouse in his own cage and gave him the name Morsel. He resisted all the therapy I tried to administer to him and remained a fraidy little mouse until he passed away a few months later. But Morsel the Second would never go anywhere near a snake and would get the best mousey life it could.

3) A miniature cactus named Cosimo the Second. The original Cosimo I bought at a flea market in 1995, but I think I didn’t water him often enough even for a cactus, so he died. The second Cosimo would get the best care a miniature cactus can get.

What are your dream pets?

6 thoughts on “Dreaming Dreams

  1. I have a mini cactus. Not so expensive, relatively low-maintenance, and it really makes a difference. It would be wonderful to have a pet…maybe when my husband & I can move away from the city, and to a place where we can care for it properly and with devotion. But plants are very nice, too. I also sincerely hope you can have one of your dream pets. As always, thank you for sharing your writing.

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    1. Yes, I’m just thinking about how having a little cactus wouldn’t be such a big deal even for me. My late mother had plants on the living room windowsill that my father continues to tend even now, three years after her death. He probably would have no problem with me putting a plant on my windowsill, especially with a small and low-maintenance one. Thank you for the suggestion!


  2. I have them. Two furry “children” who love me dearly, and I love (almost) as much in return. I say almost, because I have human things to attend to, so do not spend as much quality time with them as I or they could wish.

    Hopefully you can one day soon have at least one of your “dream pets”. Perhaps the cactus? That wouldn’t take up too much space, nor would it require too much attention or maintenance. Just a little light, and a tiny bit of water every two or three days.

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