When Ethics Are Forever Lost

On the news page there is a link to a video entitled “Bizarre Case of Russian Road Rage,” with the subtitle “It Gets Even Weirder When Spongebob Shows up.” The video was taken by someone in a vehicle driving down a wide street at night, and in the background you hear men speaking in what appears to be Russian. They are behind some kind of small bus when a pickup truck with a covered back comes speeding along in the next lane to the left and stops partly in front of the bus, blocking its way. A man emerges from the driver side door of the pickup and approaches the driver side door of the bus. Out of the bus come several people dressed like anthromorphic animals such as squirrels, although one is indeed dressed like Spongebob Squarepants. They proceed to beat the driver of the pickup and leave him lying on the pavement before getting back into the bus. Then the bus speeds off. All the while, the people in the vehicle doing the filming are laughing at what is happening. As the beaten man staggers to his feet, they drive around him and his vehicle and continue on.

So let’s see. First, the guy in the pickup unlawfully detains the bus. Then several people from the bus commit assault and battery bad enough that their victim is prone. Then absolutely everyone leaves the scene of the altercation as if nothing had happened. And the people filming this are laughing. And MSN.com uses a supposedly humorous subtitle to promote this video, with a Microsoft commercial appended to the front of it.

I try hard not to be a cliche old fart bemoaning the good old days, but, seriously, is this what passes for acceptable behavior today? If it does, then maybe I’m right just to sit in my room and not have anything to do with anyone. Except that I use the internet, and it appears that Microsoft endorses this kind of behavior by prepending its advertising to evidence of it. I can only shake my head in disbelief.


Link to the Video: http://video.ca.msn.com/watch/video/bizarre-case-of-russian-road-rage/2gvh0798l?from=en-ca-infopane&ocid=viddest

2 thoughts on “When Ethics Are Forever Lost

  1. The video may have come from one of the many Russian dashcam video sites. Judging by the driving conditions in the Russian Republic, I don’t wish to travel around that country. It’s too bad that much humor derives from pain and tragedy.

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    1. Well, the real point is that MSN Canada endorsed road rage and assault with their subtitle. Also, the first time I viewed that video, there was a Microsoft ad prepended to it, so Microsoft also endorses road rage and assault. The second time there was an HP ad, so Hewlett-Packard also endorses road rage and assault. Those are the troubling things.

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