When No One Has Peed in the Apple Juice

You’ve seen me mention brain fog before, and some of you have behaved as if you know exactly what I mean by that non-scientific term. For those who don’t know, my brain fog occurs when I lose concentration on everything external and cease to be aware of my surroundings, my mind retreating into what amounts to watching very talky movies occurring entirely inside it. I never hallucinate either sights or sounds, just disenjoy some crappy internal entertainment that I forget completely the second it’s over because it is entirely nonsense.

I haven’t had much brain fog for the past three or four days. Today, I haven’t had any I can recall. Although I have sometimes been immersed in the recall of real memories, such as perfectly sensible conversations I had with someone many years ago, they haven’t been preoccupying and have permitted me to retain awareness of the external world. This improvement in my condition is inexplicable. I have never been able to correlate my brain fog with anything. It just varies from being intense and frequent for periods of time to being nearly nonexistent for other periods.

From past experience, it’s nearly guaranteed that the brain fog will return with renewed intensity. Escaping it permanently seems impossible. So what I’m doing right now is doing my best to enjoy what amounts to a few good days. And hoping that you’re having a few good days as well, and managing to enjoy them.

3 thoughts on “When No One Has Peed in the Apple Juice

  1. I am glad that you are brain fog free even if only for a few days. You should definitely enjoy them! I can’t imagine what that feels like as I have auditory hallucinations that seem to come out of nowhere. Considering I live alone, hearing a voice really freaks me out. My main concern is getting enough sleep as I seem to be starting to float into a manic phase. I’ll enjoy the ride for a couple of days 🙂

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      1. I don’t want to crash because that hurts, so hopefully the meds will start doing their job again and I will even out. The first 3 or so days of a manic phase are awesome….it’s the rest that starts to suck 🙂


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